Any of the bottle-shaped targets used in tenpin bowling.

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  • tenpin — /ˈtɛnpɪn/ (say tenpin) noun one of the pins used in tenpin bowling …   Australian English dictionary

  • tenpin — ► NOUN 1) a skittle used in tenpin bowling. 2) (tenpins) (treated as sing. ) N. Amer. tenpin bowling …   English terms dictionary

  • tenpin — [tenpin΄] n. a pin used in the game of tenpins * * * ten·pin (tĕnʹpĭn ) n. 1. One of the bottle shaped pins used in bowling. 2. tenpins (used with a sing. verb) See bowling. * * * …   Universalium

  • tenpin — [tenpin΄] n. a pin used in the game of tenpins …   English World dictionary

  • tenpin — UK [ˈtenpɪn] / US [ˈtenˌpɪn] noun [countable] Word forms tenpin : singular tenpin plural tenpins one of the ten objects shaped like bottles that you try to knock over in the game of tenpin bowling …   English dictionary

  • tenpin — n. 1 a pin used in tenpin bowling. 2 (in pl.) US = tenpin bowling. Phrases and idioms: tenpin bowling a game developed from ninepins in which ten pins are set up at the end of an alley and bowled down with hard rubber balls …   Useful english dictionary

  • tenpin — noun a skittle used in tenpin bowling. ↘(tenpins) [treated as sing.] N. Amer. tenpin bowling …   English new terms dictionary

  • tenpin — noun Tenpin is used before these nouns: ↑bowling …   Collocations dictionary

  • tenpin — noun Date: 1807 1. a bottle shaped bowling pin 15 inches high 2. plural but singular in construction a bowling game using 10 tenpins and a large ball 27 inches in circumference and allowing each player to bowl 2 balls in each of 10 frames …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • tenpin — ten|pin [ˈtenˌpın] n BrE one of the ten bottle shaped wooden objects that you try to knock down in ↑bowling …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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