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Estonian and Finnish are both Baltic-Finnic languages.

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  • Baltic-Finnic — noun a group of Finnic languages including Finnish and Estonian • Hypernyms: ↑Fennic, ↑Finnic, ↑Non Ugric • Hyponyms: ↑Livonian, ↑Estonian, ↑Esthonian, ↑Karelian, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Finnic peoples — (Fennic) are a historical linguistic group of peoples: Baltic Finns who are native speakers of Baltic Finnic languages and Volga Finns, speakers of Volga Finnic languages. [Finnic peoples speaking one or moreof the variety of Balto Finnic and… …   Wikipedia

  • Finnic mythologies — are any of the various mythologies of the Finnic peoples [nb 1], such as the Volga Finns, Baltic Finns, Permians, and Sami.[5] The mythologies of the Finno Lappic speakers have some common aspects; the Sami people are deeply shamanistic and these …   Wikipedia

  • Finnic mythology — consists of the Finnic peoples mythologies: Volga Finns, Baltic Finns, Permians and usually the more distinct Sami are included. [cite book |title=European Mythology |last=Leeming |first= David Adams |authorlink= |coauthors= |year=2003 |publisher …   Wikipedia

  • Finnic languages — may refer to: *Finno Permic languages *Finno Volgaic languages *Baltic Finnic languages and/or Volga Finnic languages …   Wikipedia

  • Baltic Finns — The Baltic Finns [also referred to as Baltic Finnic or Balto Finnic people] are a historical group of peoples of northern Europe whose descendants include the Finns proper, Karelians (including Ludes and Olonets), Ingrians, Veps, Votes, Livonians …   Wikipedia

  • Baltic states — For other uses, see Baltic (disambiguation). Baltic states …   Wikipedia

  • Baltic Sea — For other uses, see Baltic (disambiguation). Baltic Sea Map of the Baltic Sea Location Europe Coordinates …   Wikipedia

  • Finnic — 1. noun A subset of the family of Finno Ugric languages that includes Finnish, Estonian, Sami (Lapp), Mordvin, Udmurt, Komi and Mari. Syn …   Wiktionary

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