Of, relating to or using set theory.

a set-theoretic proof

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  • set theoretic — adjective see set theory …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • set theoretic — adjective see set theory …   Useful english dictionary

  • Set theoretic programming — is a programming paradigm based on mathematical set theory. One example of a programming language based on this paradigm is SETL …   Wikipedia

  • Set-theoretic definition of natural numbers — Several ways have been proposed to define the natural numbers using set theory.The contemporary standardIn standard (ZF) set theory the natural numbersare defined recursively by 0 = {} (the empty set) and n +1 = n ∪ { n }. Then n = {0,1,..., n… …   Wikipedia

  • Set-theoretic topology — In mathematics, set theoretic topology is a subject that combines set theory and general topology. It focuses on topological questions that are independent of ZFC.References*cite book|title=Handbook of Set Theoretic… …   Wikipedia

  • Set-theoretic limit — In mathematics, the limit of a sequence of sets A1 , A2 , ... is a set whose elements are determined by the sequence in either of two equivalent ways: *Using indicator variables, let xi equal 1 if x is in Ai and 0 otherwise. If the limit as i… …   Wikipedia

  • set-theoretic difference — noun Given two sets A and B, the set theoretic difference of A and B is the set that contains exactly those elements belonging to A but not to B; the relative complement of B in A. Syn: relative complement …   Wiktionary

  • Set theory — This article is about the branch of mathematics. For musical set theory, see Set theory (music). A Venn diagram illustrating the intersection of two sets. Set theory is the branch of mathematics that studies sets, which are collections of objects …   Wikipedia

  • set theory — the branch of mathematics that deals with relations between sets. [1940 45] * * * Branch of mathematics that deals with the properties of sets. It is most valuable as applied to other areas of mathematics, which borrow from and adapt its… …   Universalium

  • set theory — The modern theory of sets was largely inspired by Cantor, whose proof that the set of real numbers could not be put into a one to one correspondence with the set of natural numbers opened the door to the set theoretic hierarchy, and to the study… …   Philosophy dictionary

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