One who receives a legacy.

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  • legatee — le·ga·tee /ˌle gə tē/ n: one to whom a legacy is bequeathed compare devisee, heir, next of kin, successor Merriam Webster’s Dictio …   Law dictionary

  • legatee — leg‧a‧tee [ˌlegəˈtiː] noun [countable] LAW someone who receives money or property from someone who has died: • Marjorie was his sole legatee (= the only one ) . * * * legatee UK US /ˌleɡəˈtiː/ noun [C] LAW …   Financial and business terms

  • Legatee — Leg a*tee (l[e^]g [.a]*t[=e] ), n. [See {Legacy}.] (Law) One to whom a legacy is bequeathed. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • legatee — [leg΄ə tē′] n. [< L legatus, pp. of legare, to bequeath, appoint (see LEGATE) + EE1] one to whom a legacy is bequeathed …   English World dictionary

  • Legatee — A recipient of all or part of a deceased person s estate. A legatee is more commonly known as a beneficiary or heir to the terms of a will. The term comes from the word legacy , meaning inheritance. If a person dies without a will and has no… …   Investment dictionary

  • legatee — UK [ˌleɡəˈtiː] / US [ˌleɡəˈtɪ] noun [countable] Word forms legatee : singular legatee plural legatees legal someone who receives a legacy (= money or property from someone who has died) …   English dictionary

  • Legatee — A legatee, in the law of wills, is any individual or organization bequeathed any portion of a testator s estate. UsageDepending upon local custom, legatees may be called devisees. Traditionally, legatees took personal property under will and… …   Wikipedia

  • legatee — /legatiy/ The person to whom a legacy in a will is given. The term may be used to denominate those who take under will without any distinction between realty and personalty, Brooker v. Brooker, Tex. Civ.App., 76 S.W.2d 180,183; though commonly it …   Black's law dictionary

  • legatee — noun Date: circa 1688 one to whom a legacy is bequeathed or a devise is given …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • legatee — /leg euh tee /, n. a person to whom a legacy is bequeathed. [1670 80; < L legat(us) (see LEGATE) + EE] * * * …   Universalium

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