any simple silicate mineral in which the SiO tetrahedra are isolated and have metal ions as neighbours

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  • laihunite — noun An iron neosilicate of the olivine group …   Wiktionary

  • sillimanite — noun A fibrous neosilicate mineral, polymorphic with andalusite and kyanite, with the chemical formula AlSiO …   Wiktionary

  • titanite — noun A mixed calcium and titanium neosilicate, CaTiSiO, once known as sphene …   Wiktionary

  • spessartine — noun A neosilicate of manganese and aluminium having the garnet structure, with the chemical formula MnAl(SiO). Syn: spessartite …   Wiktionary

  • kyanite — noun a blue neosilicate mineral, AlSiO, found in metamorphic rocks …   Wiktionary

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