Resembling a rodent or some aspect of one.

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  • rodentlike — adj. resembling a rodent, similar to a rodent …   English contemporary dictionary

  • rodent — rodentlike, adj. /rohd nt/, adj. 1. belonging or pertaining to the gnawing or nibbling mammals of the order Rodentia, including the mice, squirrels, beavers, etc. n. 2. a rodent mammal. [1825 35; < NL Rodentia RODENTIA] * * * Any member of the… …   Universalium

  • hyrax — /huy raks/, n., pl. hyraxes, hyraces / reuh seez /. any of several species of small mammals of the order Hyracoidea, of Africa and the Mediterranean region, having short legs, ears, and tail, and hooflike nails on the toes. Also called dassie,… …   Universalium

  • multituberculate — /mul tee too berr kyeuh lit, layt , tyoo , mul tuy /, n. 1. a rodentlike mammal of the extinct order Multituberculata, which lived from the late Jurassic Period to the Oligocene Epoch, reaching the size of a woodchuck and having molars with two… …   Universalium

  • Ptilodus — ▪ paleontology       extinct genus of mammals (mammal) found as fossils (fossil) in deposits dated to the Paleocene Epoch (65.5–55.8 million years ago) of North America. Ptilodus was a multituberculate, a group of rodentlike (rodent) mammals that …   Universalium

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  • Honeycomb (cereal) — Bowl of Honeycomb cereal Honeycomb is a breakfast cereal that has been made since 1965 by Post Cereals. It consists of honey flavored corn cereal bits in a honeycomb shape. It is wheat free. Contents …   Wikipedia

  • List of Star Wars races (F-J) — FalleenFalleen is race of light green human like reptilian people who come from world of Falleen in Midrim region. Males of the race have strong pheromones which can attract women easily. The Falleen seldom leave their world. Notable minior… …   Wikipedia

  • Tillodontia — Taxobox name = Tillodonts fossil range = Fossil range|65|40Early Paleocene Late Eocene regnum = Animalia phylum = Chordata classis = Mammalia ordo = TillodontiaTillodontia is an extinct order of mammals that may be related to the pantodonts. They …   Wikipedia

  • aye-aye — /uy uy /, n. a nocturnal lemur, Daubentonia madagascariensis, of Madagascar, feeding on insects and fruit, and having rodentlike incisors and long fingers: an endangered species. [1775 85; < F < Malagasy aiay, prob. imit. of its cry] * * * ▪… …   Universalium

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