Goldilocks planet

A planet which orbits in the habitable zone around a star, where temperatures like those on Earth occur, allowing for the possible existence of liquid water and of life.
See Also: Goldilocks zone

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  • Goldilocks planet — (GOHL.dee.lawks PLAN.uht) n. A planet that can support life because it is neither too hot nor too cold, too big nor too small, too near its star nor too far. Example Citations: Last week NASA announced the discovery of a giant gasball of a planet …   New words

  • Goldilocks planet — /goʊldilɒks ˈplænət/ (say gohldeeloks planuht) noun a planet on which the environment is neither too hot nor too cold, not too close to its sun nor too far away, thus being able to support life. {from the character Goldilocks in the fairytale of… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Goldilocks (disambiguation) — Goldilocks can mean:* Goldilocks and the Three Bears , a popular fairy tale * La Belle aux cheveux d or or The Story of Pretty Goldilocks , a literary fairy tale written by Madame d Aulnoy. *Goldilocks (planet), or 70 Virginis b. *The Goldilocks… …   Wikipedia

  • Goldilocks economy — (GOHL.dee.lawks i.KAWN.uh.mee) n. An economy that is not so overheated that it causes inflation, and not so cool that it causes a recession. Example Citation: America s not too hot, not too cold Goldilocks economy is getting too hot. The result… …   New words

  • Goldilocks effect — (GOHL.dee.loks uh.fekt) n. When something succeeds or prospers because it is neither too big nor too small. Example Citation: Size does matter. Up to a certain point, the more widgets you produce, the cheaper each widget becomes. But you no… …   New words

  • Goldilocks zone — noun The zone around a star where a planet could experience temperatures like those on Earth, allowing for the possible existence of liquid water and of life. Syn: habitable zone See Also: Goldilocks planet …   Wiktionary

  • Goldilocks zone — /ˈgoʊldilɒks zoʊn/ (say gohldeeloks zohn) noun the area on a planet where the temperature is not too hot nor too cold to prevent water in liquid form occurring and which can therefore possibly sustain life. {see Goldilocks planet} …   Australian English dictionary

  • Goldilocks — bezeichnet: ein Musical von Leroy Anderson ein Märchen, Goldilocks und die drei Bären („Goldlöckchen und die drei Bären“) einen Zeichentrickfilm der Warner Bros: Goldilocks and the Jivin Bears (Teil der Censored 11) einen Begriff aus der Bear… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Goldilocks Zone — Als habitable Zone (auch Lebenszone oder Ökosphäre) bezeichnet man im Allgemeinem den Abstandsbereich, in dem sich ein Planet von seinem Zentralgestirn aufhalten muss, damit Wasser dauerhaft in flüssiger Form – als Voraussetzung für Leben, wie… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Goldilocks Principle — The Goldilocks Principle states that something must fall within certain margins, as opposed to reaching extremes. It is used, for example, in the Rare Earth hypothesis to state that a planet must neither be too far away from, nor too close to,… …   Wikipedia

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