Any of a class of tricyclic cagelike heterocycles having a transannular dative bond between a nitrogen and another heteroatom

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  • Atrane — An Atrane is a tricyclic molecule with three five membered rings. It has a transannular dative bond by a nitrogen atom, depicted as A. The name atrane was first proposed by Mikhail Grigorievich Voronkov.Various atranes are named depending on the… …   Wikipedia

  • Transannular interaction — A transannular interaction in chemistry is any chemical interaction (favorable or nonfavorable) between different non bonding molecular groups in a large ring or macrocycle. See for an example the molecule atrane. External links # Experimental… …   Wikipedia

  • silatrane — noun Any atrane having silicon as the heteroatom …   Wiktionary

  • phosphatrane — noun Any atrane having phosphorus as the heteroatom …   Wiktionary

  • boratrane — noun Any atrane having boron as the heteroatom …   Wiktionary

  • stannatrane — noun Any atrane having tin as the heteroatom …   Wiktionary

  • germanatrane — noun Any atrane having germanium as the heteroatom …   Wiktionary

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