An extinct Khoisan language once spoken in South Africa.

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  • ǀXam language — unicode|ǀXam, or ǀXam Kakǃʼe, is an extinct Khoisan language of South Africa, part of the ǃKwi language group. It was closely related to the Nǀu language, which still has a few speakers. The bar symbol in the name ǀXam represents a dental click… …   Wikipedia

  • ǀXam and ǂKhomani heartland — The ǀXam [1][2][3][4][5][6] and ǂKhomani heartland tentative World Heritage Site, consists of regions located to the south and north of Upington, respectively, in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The …   Wikipedia

  • Xam — ǀXam Hablantes Lengua muerta Familia Lenguas joisanas  Tuu   ǃKwi    ǀXam Estatus oficial Oficial en Ningún país Regu …   Wikipedia Español

  • Wilhelm Bleek — Wilhelm Heinrich Immanuel Bleek (March 8, 1827 August 17, 1875) was a German linguist. His work included A Comparative Grammar of South African Languages and his great project jointly executed with Lucy Lloyd: The Bleek and Lloyd Archive of ǀXam… …   Wikipedia

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