a) The product of transudation.
b) A substance that transudes.

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  • Transudate — is extravascular fluid with low protein content and a specific gravity …   Wikipedia

  • transudate — [tran′so͞o dāt΄, tran′syo͞odāt΄] n. 〚ModL transudatus, pp. of transudare〛 something transuded * * * tran·su·date (trăn so͞oʹdāt , syo͞oʹ , trănʹso͝o dāt , syo͝o ) also tran·su·da·tion (trăn so͝o dāʹshən, syo͝o ) n. 1. A product of the process of… …   Universalium

  • transudate — [tran′so͞o dāt΄, tran′syo͞odāt΄] n. [ModL transudatus, pp. of transudare] something transuded …   English World dictionary

  • Transudate — A fluid that passes through a membrane which filters out much of the protein and cellular elements to yield a watery solution. A transudate is due to increased pressure in the veins and capillaries pressure forcing fluid through the vessel walls… …   Medical dictionary

  • transudate — noun Date: 1876 a transuded substance …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • transudate — Plasma derived fluid that accumulates in tissue and causes oedema. A result of increased venous and capillary pressure, rather than altered vascular permeability (which leads to cellular exudate formation) …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • transudate — n. oozing, exudation …   English contemporary dictionary

  • transudate — tran·su·date …   English syllables

  • transudate — noun a substance that transudes • Syn: ↑transudation • Hypernyms: ↑discharge, ↑emission …   Useful english dictionary

  • Ascites — Classification and external resources The major signs and symptoms of heart failure. (Ascites labeled near center.) ICD 10 R …   Wikipedia

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