Online, low-cost publishing which utilizes blogs and techniques based on blogging in order to target a specific audience

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  • nanopublishing — ( n. An online publishing model that uses a scaled down, inexpensive operation to reach a targeted audience, especially by using blogging techniques. Also: nano publishing. nanopublisher n. Example Citations: Unlike Kelly s… …   New words

  • nanopublishing — nanˈopublishing noun The publication of specialist information to a small group of people on the Internet rather than by traditional publishing methods • • • Main Entry: ↑nano * * * nanopublishing UK [ˈnænəʊˌpʌblɪʃɪŋ] US [ˈnænoʊˌpʌblɪʃɪŋ] noun… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Nanopublishing — Ein Blog [blɔg] oder auch Weblog [ˈwɛb.lɔg], engl. [ˈwɛblɒg], Wortkreuzung aus engl. World Wide Web und Log für Logbuch, ist ein auf einer Website geführtes und damit – meist öffentlich – einsehbares Tagebuch oder Journal. Häufig ist ein Blog… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • nanopublishing — n. online publishing model that uses a reduced and inexpensive operation to reach targeted audience (Computers, Internet) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • nanopublishing — UK [ˈnænəʊˌpʌblɪʃɪŋ] / US [ˈnænoʊˌpʌblɪʃɪŋ] noun [uncountable] computing the publishing of information on the Internet using methods that do not cost a lot of money, for example using weblogs (= websites that frequently have new personal… …   English dictionary

  • Blogging — altmetrics audioblog blog blog book blogebrity blogosphere celeblog chiclet …   New words

  • Internet — altmetrics ambient findability arachnerd bid shielding bitcom black hole resort blog blogosphere …   New words

  • Media and Journalism — anniversary journalism anonymice anus envy back channel media barking head beat sweetener belligerati …   New words

  • audioblog — n. A blog that contains mostly music or other audio content. v. audioblogger n. audioblogging pp. Example Citations: In recent years some bloggers have been linking recorded audio files to their blogs, a process known as audioblogging. As in text …   New words

  • blog — (BLAWG) n. A Web page consisting of frequently updated, chronological entries on a particular topic. Also: blog, Weblog, Web log. blog v., adj. blogger n. Example Citations: Blogs are set up to be personal forums for someone s opinions. That s… …   New words

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