The mineral alstonite.

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  • bromlite — brom·lite …   English syllables

  • bromlite — ˈbrämˌlīt noun ( s) Etymology: Bromley Hill (error for Brownley Hill, near Alston, Cumberland, England) + English ite : a mineral BaCa(Co3)2 midway between witherite and strontianite called also alstonite …   Useful english dictionary

  • Alstonite — Alstonite, also known as bromlite, is a member of the aragonite group of carbonate minerals. It consists of an isomorphous mixture of calcium and barium carbonates in various proportions, CaBa(CO3)2, it is triclinic in crystal structure and… …   Wikipedia

  • alstonite — ˈȯlztəˌnīt, lst noun ( s) Etymology: Alston, Cumberland, England + English ite : bromlite * * * alstonite Min. (ˈɔːlstənaɪt) [f. Alston in Cumbria, where found.] A double carbonate of lime …   Useful english dictionary

  • Double salt — Double salts are salts containing more than one cation or anion. They form when more than one salt is dissolved in a liquid and when together they crystallize in a regular pattern. A well known double salt is alum containing two cations… …   Wikipedia

  • alstonite — ▪ mineral also called  Bromlite,        a barium and calcium carbonate mineral, CaBa(CO3)2, with minor amounts of strontium. It is colourless or light gray or pink in appearance and is also transparent or translucent. Its crystal structure is… …   Universalium

  • alstonite — noun An aragonite mineral consisting of an isomorphous mixture of calcium and barium carbonates. Syn: bromlite …   Wiktionary

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