noun /ˈθjʊərɪbəl/

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  • Thurible — Thu ri*ble, n. [L. thuribulum, turibulum, from thus, thuris, or better tus, turis, frankincense, fr. Gr. ? a sacrifice, an offering, from ? to sacrifice.] (R. C. Ch.) A censer of metal, for burning incense, having various forms, held in the hand… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • thurible — [thʉr′ə bəl, thoor′ə bəl, thyoor′ə bəl] n. [ME thoryble < L thuribulum < thus (gen. thuris), frankincense < Gr thyos, incense < thyein: see THYME] CENSER …   English World dictionary

  • Thurible — A thurible is a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned during worship services. It is used in the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, Episcopal, Old Catholic, and some Lutheran churches, as well as in Christian and non… …   Wikipedia

  • thurible — /thoor euh beuhl/, n. a censer. [1400 50; late ME turrible, thoryble < L t(h)uribulum censer, equiv. to t(h)ur (s. of t(h)us) incense + i I + bulum instrumental suffix] * * * ▪ religious object also called  censer        vessel used in the… …   Universalium

  • thurible —   n. censer.    ♦ thurifer, n. carrier of a thurible.    ♦ thuriferous, a. yielding frankincense.    ♦ thurify, v.t …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • thurible — n. a censer. Etymology: ME f. OF thurible or L t(h)uribulum f. thus thur incense (as THURIFER) …   Useful english dictionary

  • thurible — noun Etymology: Middle English thurribul, from Latin thuribulum, from thur , thus incense, from Greek thyos incense, sacrifice, from thyein to sacrifice more at thyme Date: 15th century censer …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • THURIBLE —    a censer suspended by chains and held in the hand by a priest during mass and other offices of the Romish Church …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • thurible — censer Ecclesiastical Terms …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • thurible — [ θjʊərɪb(ə)l] noun a censer. Origin ME: from OFr., or from L. thuribulum, from thus, thur (see thurifer) …   English new terms dictionary

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