come to nought

To fail completely; to have no result

The Bank of Englands anti-inflation efforts will come to nought if the U.S. Federal Reserve refuse to join in the plan.

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  • come to nought — phrase to be unsuccessful All their plans came to nought. Thesaurus: to fail, or to stop being successfulsynonym Main entry: nought …   Useful english dictionary

  • come to nought — to be unsuccessful All their plans came to nought …   English dictionary

  • nought — (n.) O.E. nowiht nothing, variant of nawiht (see NAUGHT (Cf. naught)). Meaning zero, cipher is from early 15c. Expression for nought in vain is late 13c. To come to nought is from 1590s …   Etymology dictionary

  • nought — [[t]nɔ͟ːt[/t]] noughts (The spelling naught is also used for meaning 2.) 1) NUM Nought is the number 0. [mainly BRIT] Sales rose by nought point four per cent last month... Houses are graded from nought to ten for energy efficiency... When you… …   English dictionary

  • nought — UK [nɔːt] / US [nɔt] noun [countable] Word forms nought : singular nought plural noughts 1) maths zero 2) nothing • come to nought …   English dictionary

  • come to nothing — verb To fail completely; to have no result. The Bank of Englands anti inflation efforts will come to nothing if the U.S. Federal Reserve refuse to join in the plan. Syn: die in the ass, come to nought, go to shit …   Wiktionary

  • nought — naught, nought Naught is an archaic or literary word meaning ‘nothing’ and it survives chiefly in phrases such as come to naught or set at naught. In BrE nought is the term for the digit 0 (zero in AmE). The game called noughts and crosses in BrE …   Modern English usage

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