formal system

The grouping of a formal language and a set of inference rules and/or axioms.

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  • Formal system — In formal logic, a formal system (also called a logical system,Audi, Robert (Editor). The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy . Second edition, Cambridge University Press, 1999. ISBN 978 0521631365 (hardcover) and ISBN 978 0521637220 (paperback).] …   Wikipedia

  • formal system — In logic, a formal language together with a deductive apparatus by which some well formed formulas can be derived from others. Each formal system has a formal language composed of primitive symbols that figure in certain rules of formation… …   Universalium

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  • formal system — (or theory) A theory whose sentences are well formed formulae of a logical calculus, and in which axioms or rules governing particular terms correspond to the principles of the theory being formalized. The theory is said to be couched or framed… …   Philosophy dictionary

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  • formal logic — the branch of logic concerned exclusively with the principles of deductive reasoning and with the form rather than the content of propositions. [1855 60] * * * Introduction       the abstract study of propositions, statements, or assertively used …   Universalium

  • Formal methods — In computer science and software engineering, formal methods are particular kind of mathematically based techniques for the specification, development and verification of software and hardware systems.cite web|author=R. W. Butler|title=What is… …   Wikipedia

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