a) Pertaining to pathology.
b) Relating to or caused by a physical or mental disorder.

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  • pathological — (adj.) 1680s, pertaining to disease, formed in English from PATHOLOGY (Cf. pathology). Sense of worthy to be a subject of pathology, morbid, excessive (e.g. pathological liar) is attested from 1845. Related: Pathologically …   Etymology dictionary

  • pathological — (US pathologic) ► ADJECTIVE 1) of or caused by a disease. 2) informal compulsive: a pathological liar. 3) relating to pathology. DERIVATIVES pathologically adverb …   English terms dictionary

  • pathological — [path΄ə läj′i kəl] adj. 1. of pathology; of or concerned with diseases 2. due to or involving disease 3. governed by a compulsion; compulsive [a pathological liar]: Also pathologic pathologically adv …   English World dictionary

  • pathological — *unwholesome, morbid, sickly, diseased …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • pathological — [[t]pæ̱θəlɒ̱ʤɪk(ə)l[/t]] 1) ADJ GRADED: usu ADJ n You describe a person or their behaviour as pathological when they behave in an extreme and unacceptable way, and have very powerful feelings which they cannot control. He experiences chronic,… …   English dictionary

  • pathological — path|o|log|i|cal [ˌpæθəˈlɔdʒıkəl US ˈla: ] adj 1.) pathological behaviour or feelings happen regularly, and are strong, unreasonable, and impossible to control ▪ a pathological hatred of women ▪ a pathological liar 2.) a mental or physical… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • pathological — adjective 1 pathological behaviour or feelings happen regularly, are unreasonable, and impossible to control: a pathological liar | a pathological hatred of women 2 a mental or physical condition that is pathological is caused by disease 3… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • Pathological — Pathologic Path o*log ic, Pathological Path o*log ic*al, a. [Gr. ?: cf. F. pathologique.] 1. Of or pertaining to pathology. [1913 Webster] 2. (Med.) caused by or due to disease; abnormal; morbid; as, pathological tissue; a pathological condition …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • pathological — path|o|log|i|cal [ ,pæθə ladʒıkl ] adjective 1. ) pathological behavior or feelings are not based on reason and cannot be controlled by the person experiencing them: a pathological liar a pathological fear of spiders 2. ) MEDICAL caused by… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • pathological — UK [ˌpæθəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l] / US [ˌpæθəˈlɑdʒɪk(ə)l] adjective 1) pathological behaviour or feelings are not based on reason and cannot be controlled by the person experiencing them a pathological fear of spiders a pathological liar 2) relating to… …   English dictionary

  • pathological — also pathologic adjective Date: 1688 1. of or relating to pathology 2. altered or caused by disease; also indicative of disease 3. being such to a degree that is extreme, excessive, or markedly abnormal < a pathological liar > < pathological fear …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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