1. verb
a) To submerge briefly in a liquid.

I like to dunk my donut in my coffee.

b) To set down carelessly.

Parents shouldnt just dunk their kids in front of the TV.

2. noun
The act of dunking, particularly in basketball.

The point guard threaded a pass with pinpoint precision to the power forward for an easy dunk.

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  • Dunk — 〈[dʌ̣ŋk] m. 6; Sp.; Basketball〉 Form des Korblegens, bei der der Spieler den Ball mit den Händen von oben in den Ring legt [zu engl. dunk „eintauchen“] * * * Dunk [daŋk], der; s, s [engl. dunk; ↑ Dunking] (Basketball): kurz für ↑ Dunking. * * * …   Universal-Lexikon

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