touch of the tarbrush

A derogatory descriptive phrase for when a person of predominantly Caucasian ancestry has real or suspected African or Asian distant ancestry

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  • a touch of the tarbrush — n (having) a skin colour which suggests a trace of black or coloured ancestry. This euphemism, often heard in a discrimi natory context, originated in the mid 19th century, when it was also used to refer to sailors (the tarbrush being used on… …   Contemporary slang

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  • tarbrush — n See a touch of the tarbrush …   Contemporary slang

  • tarbrush — /ˈtabrʌʃ/ (say tahbrush) noun 1. a brush for applying tar. –phrase 2. a touch of the tarbrush, (derogatory) African or other dark skinned ancestry or appearance. {tar1 + brush1} …   Australian English dictionary

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