malolactic fermentation

A form of secondary fermentation in which the malic acid in wine is converted to lactic acid, reducing the wines sharpness

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  • Malolactic fermentation — (or sometimes malolactic conversion or MLF) is a process in winemaking where tart tasting malic acid, naturally present in grape must, is converted to softer tasting lactic acid. Malolactic fermentation tends to create a rounder, fuller mouthfeel …   Wikipedia

  • malolactic fermentation — /mæloʊˌlæktɪk fɜmɛnˈteɪʃən/ (say maloh.laktik fermen tayshuhn) noun the conversion in wine making of malic acid to lactic acid resulting in a reduction in acidity …   Australian English dictionary

  • Fermentation (wine) — Fermenting must. The process of fermentation in wine turns grape juice into an alcoholic beverage. During fermentation, yeast interact with sugars in the juice to create ethanol, commonly known as ethyl alcohol, and carbon dioxide (as a …   Wikipedia

  • malolactic — adjective Etymology: malic + o + lactic Date: 1908 relating to or involved in the bacterial conversion of malic acid to lactic acid in wine < malolactic fermentation > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • malolactic — ¦malō, ¦mālōˌ adjective Etymology: mal (II) + lactic : relating to or involved in the bacterial conversion of malic acid to lactic acid in wine malolactic fermentation …   Useful english dictionary

  • malolactic — adjective Descriptive a type of fermentation where malic acid is tansferred to lactic acid …   Wiktionary

  • malolactic — [ˌmalə(ʊ) laktɪk] adjective of or denoting bacterial fermentation which converts malic acid to lactic acid, especially as a secondary process used to reduce the acidity of some wines …   English new terms dictionary

  • Secondary fermentation — is a process commonly associated with winemaking, J. Robinson (ed) The Oxford Companion to Wine Third Edition pg 618 Oxford University Press 2006 ISBN 0198609906 ] which entails a second period of fermentation in a different vessel than what was… …   Wikipedia

  • Winemaking — Wine grapes. Winemaking, or vinification, is the production of wine, starting with selection of the grapes or other produce and ending with bottling the finished wine. Although most wine is made from grapes, it may also be made from other fruit… …   Wikipedia

  • wine — wineless, adj. winish, adj. /wuyn/, n., adj., v., wined, wining. n. 1. the fermented juice of grapes, made in many varieties, such as red, white, sweet, dry, still, and sparkling, for use as a beverage, in cooking, in religious rites, etc., and… …   Universalium

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