In a nonclassical manner; not classically

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  • nonclassically — adv. in a manner that is not classical, in a manner that is not typical …   English contemporary dictionary

  • nonclassical — nonclassically, adv. /non klas i keuhl/, adj. 1. not classical or contrary to classical precepts. 2. Physics. pertaining to a law, theory, or observation that cannot be expressed or understood in terms of Newtonian physics. [1925 30; NON +… …   Universalium

  • Carbocation — A carbocation (pronEng|ˌkɑrboʊˈkætaɪɒn) is an ion with a positively charged carbon atom. The charged carbon atom in a carbocation is a sextet , i.e. it has only six electrons in its outer valence shell instead of the eight valence electrons that… …   Wikipedia

  • nonclassical — adjective not classical • Ant: ↑classical • Similar to: ↑modern, ↑popular, ↑pop • Topics: ↑fine arts, ↑beaux arts * * * “+ …   Useful english dictionary

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