A type of affix where a suprasegmental change (such as tone or stress) modifies an existing morphemes meaning.

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  • Suprafix — In linguistics, a suprafix is a type of affix where a suprasegmental change (such as tone or stress) modifies an existing morpheme s meaning. In many languages, they are used to differentiate between otherwise identical lexemes, but in some they… …   Wikipedia

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  • Simulfix — In linguistics, a simulfix is a type of affix that changes one or more existing phonemes in order to modify the meaning of a morpheme.Examples of simulfixes in English are generally considered irregularities, all of which left over from… …   Wikipedia

  • Transfix — In linguistic morphology, a transfix is a discontinuous affix, which occurs at more than one position in a word. The prototypical example comes from the Semitic languages, where nearly all word derivation and inflection involves the… …   Wikipedia

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