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  • pamoate — USAN approved contraction for 4,4′ methylenebis(3 hydroxy 2 naphthoate). * * * pam·o·ate pam ə .wāt n any of various salts or esters of an acid C23H16O6 that include some used as drugs see HYDROXYZINE * * * pam·o·ate (pamґo āt) USAN… …   Medical dictionary

  • Pyrantel pamoate — IUPAC name 4 [(3 Carboxy 2 hydroxynaphthalen 1 yl)methyl] 3 hydroxynaphthalene 2 carboxylic acid; 1 methyl 2 [(E …   Wikipedia

  • pyrantel pamoate — An anthelmintic, especially useful drug for single or mixed intestinal nematode infections such as Ascaris, hookworm, pinworm, and Trichostrongylus species. * * * [USP] the pamoate salt of pyrantel, used for treatment of ascariasis and… …   Medical dictionary

  • hydroxyzine pamoate — [USP] the pamoate salt of hydroxyzine, having the actions and uses of the hydrochloride salt; administered orally …   Medical dictionary

  • cycloguanil pamoate — A long acting antimalarial agent that prevents the growth or survival of the pre erythrocytic and erythrocytic parasites …   Medical dictionary

  • pyrvinium pamoate — A highly effective drug used in the eradication of human pinworms. SYN: viprynium embonate. * * * pyr·vin·i·um pam·o·ate (pir vinґe əm) [USP] an anthelmintic that acts by preventing the uptake of exogenous glucose and is administered orally… …   Medical dictionary

  • imipramine pamoate — a tricyclic antidepressant with uses similar to those of imipramine hydrochloride, except that it is not used to treat enuresis …   Medical dictionary

  • oxantel pamoate — ox·an·tel pam·o·ate (oksґən təl) an anthelmintic effective against Trichuris …   Medical dictionary

  • triptorelin pamoate — trip·to·rel·in pam·o·ate (trip″tə relґin) a synthetic analogue of gonadorelin that on prolonged administration suppresses gonadotropin release, used as an antineoplastic in the palliative treatment of prostatic carcinoma and also used… …   Medical dictionary

  • Hydroxyzine — Systematic (IUPAC) name (±) 2 (2 {4 [(4 chlorophenyl) phe …   Wikipedia

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