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  • nonassertive — [spelling only] …   English World dictionary

  • nonassertive — adjective not aggressively self assured, though not necessarily lacking in confidence (Freq. 1) she was quiet and nonassertive as she took control • Similar to: ↑unassertive * * * adj.; nonassertively, adv.; nonassertiveness, n …   Useful english dictionary

  • nonassertive — adj.; nonassertively, adv.; nonassertiveness, n. * * * …   Universalium

  • nonassertive — nÉ‘nÉ™ sÉœrtɪv / nÉ’nÉ™ sɜːt adj. not assertive, lacking confidence …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Foreign policy of Japan — The primary responsibility for the Japanese foreign policy, as determined by the 1947 constitution, is exercised by the cabinet and subject to the overall supervision of the National Diet. The prime minister is required to make periodic reports… …   Wikipedia

  • Logical quality — In many philosophies of logic statements are categorized into different logical qualities based on how they go about saying what they say. Doctrines of logical quality are an attempt to answer the question: “How many qualitatively different ways… …   Wikipedia

  • skepticism — /skep teuh siz euhm/, n. 1. skeptical attitude or temper; doubt. 2. doubt or unbelief with regard to a religion, esp. Christianity. 3. (cap.) the doctrines or opinions of philosophical Skeptics; universal doubt. Also, scepticism. [1640 50; < NL… …   Universalium

  • Greek language — Indo European language spoken mostly in Greece. Its history can be divided into four phases: Ancient Greek, Koine, Byzantine Greek, and Modern Greek. Ancient Greek is subdivided into Mycenaean Greek (14th–13th centuries BC) and Archaic and… …   Universalium

  • nonassertively — adverb In a nonassertive way …   Wiktionary

  • hearsay — A term applied to that species of testimony given by a witness who relates, not what he knows personally, but what others have told him, or what he has heard said by others. A statement, other than one made by the declarant while testifying at… …   Black's law dictionary

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