a) A medical facility specializing in the care for contagious patients.
b) A ship or building used for quarantine.

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  • lazaretto — index asylum (hospital) Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • lazaretto — (n.) house for reception of lepers and diseased poor persons, 1540s, from It. lazareto place set aside for performance of quarantine (especially that of Venice, which received many ships from plague infested districts in the East), from the… …   Etymology dictionary

  • lazaretto — [laz΄ə ret′laz΄ə ret′ō] n. pl. lazarettos [It < Venetian lazareto, nazareto, after Venetian church of Santa Madonna di Nazaret, used as a plague hospital during the 15th c.; initial l by assoc. with lazzaro, leper: see LAZAR] 1. former a… …   English World dictionary

  • Lazaretto — A lazaretto or lazaret is a quarantine station for maritime travellers. Lazarets can be ships permanently at anchor, isolated islands, or mainland buildings. Until 1908, lazarets were also used for disinfecting postal items, usually by fumigation …   Wikipedia

  • Lazaretto — Lazaret Laz a*ret (l[a^]z [.a]*r[e^]t ), Lazaretto Laz a*ret to (l[a^]z [.a]*r[e^]t t[ o]), n. [F. lazaret, or It. lazzeretto, fr. Lazarus. See {Lazar}.] 1. A public building, hospital, or pesthouse for the reception of diseased persons,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • lazaretto — or lazaret; also lazarette noun (plural rettos or rets; also rettes) Etymology: Italian lazzaretto, alteration of Nazaretto, quarantine station in Venice, from Santa Maria di Nazareth, church on the island where it was located Date: 1549 1.… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • lazaretto — laz·a·ret·to .laz ə ret (.)ō or laz·a·ret ret, rēt n, pl rettos or rets 1) usu lazaretto an institution (as a hospital) for those with contagious diseases 2) a building or a ship used for detention in quarantine …   Medical dictionary

  • lazaretto — /laz euh ret oh/, n., pl. lazarettos. 1. a hospital for those affected with contagious diseases, esp. leprosy. 2. a building or a ship set apart for quarantine purposes. 3. Also called glory hole. Naut. a small storeroom within the hull of a ship …   Universalium

  • lazaretto — n. hospital for lepers or others with contagious diseases; quarantined ship; structure used for quarantine purposes; storeroom on a ship …   English contemporary dictionary

  • lazaretto —    (lah zah REHT oh) [Venetian Italian] First organized in Venice in 1423, a hospital for the treatment of people with infectious diseases such as plague or leprosy. A building or ship used as a place of quarantine …   Dictionary of foreign words and phrases

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