Prodigal expense for food.

So soon as a rogation for a benison by the concionator, transpired, fourchettes, and all implements for the transportation of prog from the table to oral apertures, were movent and sonorific. Such abligurition; such lycanthropic edacity, lurcation, ingurgitation and gulosity; such omnivorousness and pantophagy; and such a mutation and avolation of comestibles, had never fallen under my vision in any antecedent part of my sublunary entity. Truly, anamnestic of Byron’s “dura illia messorum!”

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  • Abligurition — Ab*lig u*ri tion, n. [L. abligurito, fr. abligurire to spend in luxurious indulgence; ab + ligurire to be lickerish, dainty, fr. lingere to lick.] Prodigal expense for food. [Obs.] Bailey. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • abligurie — [abligurie Obs. 0 ‘Spending in belly cheere,’ Cockeram 1612 and Minsheu 1626. Bailey 1742 corrects the form to abligurition with same def. ] …   Useful english dictionary

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