to train or exercise a horse with the use of a lunge line (or rein) attached to lungeing cavesson or headcollar.

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  • lungeing rein — noun A piece of cotton or nylon webbing, usually around 25mm wide by about 20 metres (or longer) in length, attached with a swivel to the bridle, lungeing cavesson, or headcollar of a horse to provide control while exercising or training it …   Wiktionary

  • lungeing cavesson — noun a special type of halter or headcollar with extra rings on the noseband for attaching a lunge line (or rein) …   Wiktionary

  • lungeing cavesson — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Longeing — or lungeing is a technique for training horses, where a horse is asked to work at the end of a long line and respond to commands from a handler on the ground who holds the line. It is also a critical component of the sport of equestrian vaulting …   Wikipedia

  • Horse training — refers to a wide variety of practices that teach horses to perform certain behaviors when asked to do so by humans. Horses are trained to be manageable by humans for everyday care as well as for equestrian activities from horse racing to… …   Wikipedia

  • Bitless bridle — This article is about generally about a wide range of horse headgear without bits. For bridles with bits, see Bridle. For traditional bitless headgear, see Hackamore. A cross under bitless bridle A bitless bridle is a general term describing a… …   Wikipedia

  • lunge line — noun A rope like piece of equipment, usually 20 feet or longer in length, attached to the bridle, lungeing cavesson, or halter of a horse to provide control while lungeing …   Wiktionary

  • lunge — 1. noun /lʌndʒ/ a) A sudden forward movement, especially with a sword. b) A long rope or flat web line, more commonly referred to as a lunge line, approximately 20 30 feet long, attached to the bridle, lungeing cavesson …   Wiktionary

  • lunge — lunge1 noun a sudden forward movement of the body. ↘a thrust in fencing, in which the leading leg is bent while the back leg remains straightened. verb (lunges, lungeing or lunging, lunged) make a lunge. ↘make a sudden forward thrust with. Origin …   English new terms dictionary

  • Whip — riding cropThe word whip describes two basic types of tools:A long stick like device, usually slightly flexible, with a small bit of leather or cord, called a popper , on the end. Depending on length and flexibility, this type is often called a… …   Wikipedia

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