1. verb /ɹɪˈzʌlt/
a) To proceed, spring or rise, as a consequence, from facts, arguments, premises, combination of circumstances, consultation, thought or endeavor.
b) To come out, or have an issue; to terminate; to have consequences; followed by in; as, this measure will result in good or in evil.
See Also: resultant
2. noun /ɹɪˈzʌlt/
a) That which results; the conclusion or end to which any course or condition of things leads, or which is obtained by any process or operation; consequence or effect; as, the result of a course of action; the result of a mathematical operation.
b) The fruit, beneficial or tangible effect(s) achieved by effort
3. interjection /ɹɪˈzʌlt/
An exclamation of joy following a favorable outcome.

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