The state of being a Buddha.

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  • Sabians — The Sabians ( ar. صابئين, he. צבאים) were a religious group. Most of what is currently known about them comes from what has been written about them by Maimonides and the primary Classical Arabic sources.The Fihrist of Al Nadim, (an Arabic writer… …   Wikipedia

  • Gohonzon — (nihongo2|ご本尊 or nihongo2|御本尊), is the object of devotion in many forms of Japanese Buddhism. In Japanese, go is an honorific prefix indicating respect and honzon means object of fundamental respect, veneration, or devotion . Generically used,… …   Wikipedia

  • Sanjie — jiao 三階教, « religion des trois stades », est un mouvement bouddhiste des dynasties Sui et Tang (fin VIe siècle fin IXe siècle) initié par le moine Xinxing (信行 540 594), qui se voulait adapté à la période de fin des temps… …   Wikipédia en Français

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