fusel oil

A mixture of several higher-order alcohols (alcohols with more than two carbon atoms) formed as byproduct in the normal fermentation process. An excessive concentration, as in low-quality moonshine, causes unpleasant taste.

many simply blamed [...] the Doosras known enthusiasms for opium, ganja, and any number of local fusel oils, singly or combined, named and nameless.

Syn: fusel alcohol, potato oil

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  • Fusel oil — Fusel Fu sel, n., Fusel oil Fu sel oil [G. fusel bad liquor.] (Chem.) A hot, acrid, oily liquid, accompanying many alcoholic liquors (as potato whisky, corn whisky, etc.), as an undesirable ingredient, and consisting of several of the higher… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • fusel-oil — /fūˈzl oil/ noun A nauseous mixture of alcohols in spirits distilled from potatoes, grain, etc ORIGIN: Ger Fusel bad spirits …   Useful english dictionary

  • fusel oil — [fyo͞o′zəl, fyo͞o′səl] n. [Ger fusel, inferior liquor < L fusilis, FUSIL1] an oily, acrid, poisonous liquid occurring in imperfectly distilled alcoholic products and consisting chiefly of amyl alcohols: small amounts contribute to the… …   English World dictionary

  • fusel oil — /fyooh zeuhl, seuhl/ a mixture consisting chiefly of amyl alcohols obtained as a by product in the fermentation of grains. [1855 60; < G Fusel bad liquor] * * * ▪ chemistry       a mixture of volatile, oily liquids produced in small amounts… …   Universalium

  • fusel oil — fuzelis statusas T sritis chemija apibrėžtis Aukštesniųjų alifatinių alkoholių, karboksirūgščių, aldehidų, ketonų mišinys, susidarantis alkoholinio rūgimo metu. atitikmenys: angl. fusel oil; grain oil rus. сивушное масло …   Chemijos terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • fusel oil — Alcohol Al co*hol ([a^]l k[ o]*h[o^]l), n. [Cf. F. alcool, formerly written alcohol, Sp. alcohol alcohol, antimony, galena, OSp. alcofol; all fr. Ar. al kohl a powder of antimony or galena, to paint the eyebrows with. The name was afterwards… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • fusel oil — fu′sel oil [[t]ˈfyu zəl, səl[/t]] n. chem. a mixture consisting chiefly of amyl alcohols • Etymology: 1855–60; < G Fusel bad liquor …   From formal English to slang

  • fusel oil — noun Etymology: German Fusel bad liquor Date: 1850 an acrid oily liquid occurring in insufficiently distilled alcoholic liquors, consisting chiefly of amyl alcohol, and used especially as a source of alcohols and as a solvent …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • fusel oil — [ fju:z(ə)l] noun a mixture of several alcohols (chiefly amyl alcohol) produced as a by product of alcoholic fermentation. Origin C19: from Ger. Fusel bad liquor , prob. related to fuseln to bungle …   English new terms dictionary

  • fusel oil — /ˈfjuzəl ɔɪl/ (say fyoohzuhl oyl) noun a mixture of higher alcohols and esters obtained as a by product in the fermentation of grains. {fusel, from German: inferior liquor or spirits} …   Australian English dictionary

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