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  • MBASIC — is the Microsoft BASIC implementation of BASIC for the CP/M operating system. MBASIC is a descendant of the original Altair BASIC interpreters that were among Microsoft s first products. MBASIC was one of the two versions of BASIC bundled with… …   Wikipedia

  • Battle box — In collectible card games, the term battle box is used by some companies to describe a set of cards available for purchase as a single unit. A battle box is generally ready to play as is (without the use of additional booster packs), containing… …   Wikipedia

  • Kentucky Linux Athlon Testbed — The Kentucky Linux Athlon Testbed (or KLAT2) is a 64+2 node Beowulf cluster built by the University of Kentucky in 2000. The cluster used entirely off the shelf components. It is capable of over 64 GFLOPS using ScaLAPACK, and approximately 22.8… …   Wikipedia

  • MiniLyrics — foobar2000 featuring MiniLyrics running on Windows 7 …   Wikipedia

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