A person who believes that global warming is real, and is caused by human activity

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  • warmist — n. A person who believes that the current global warming trend is the result of man made factors. Also: global warmist. adj. Example Citations: The road to Copenhagen has proved to be a rocky one. This past fortnight, ahead of the climate change… …   New words

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  • Incident des emails du Climatic Research Unit — L incident des emails du Climatic Research Unit, plus souvent appelé Climategate, est une affaire résultant de la divulgation, dans la seconde moitié du mois de novembre 2009, d un ensemble de courriels et de fichiers, entre 1996 et le 12… …   Wikipédia en Français

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  • Marchuary — n. A January or February with March like weather. Also: March uary. [March + January or March + February.] Example Citations: The whole lower 48 and much of southern Canada is feeling the effects of what I call Marchuary, said Paul Douglas,… …   New words

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  • anthropocene — (an.THRAW.puh.seen) n. The present geological period, characterized by humanity s effects on global climate and ecology. Example Citations: The overwhelming consensus of scientific research indicates that human activity is exacerbating climate… …   New words

  • checkbook environmentalist — n. A person or company that contributes to the protection of the environment solely by donating money to environmental causes or by purchasing carbon offsets. Also: chequebook environmentalist. checkbook environmentalism n. Example Citations: A… …   New words

  • climate porn — n. Extreme or alarmist language or images used to describe the current or future effects of man made climate change. Also: climate pornography. Example Citations: Recently, a left leaning think tank in Great Britain came up with a good way to… …   New words

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