The casting of horoscopes

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  • Horoscopy — Ho*ros co*py, n. 1. The art or practice of casting horoscopes, or observing the disposition of the stars, with a view to prediction events. [1913 Webster] 2. Aspect of the stars at the time of a person s birth. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • horoscopy — horoscoper /hawr euh skoh peuhr, hor /, horoscopist /haw ros keuh pist, hoh , hawr euh skoh pist, hor /, n. /haw ros keuh pee, hoh /, n. Archaic. the casting or taking of horoscopes. [1645 55; HOROSCOPE + Y3] * * * …   Universalium

  • horoscopy — n. (Archaic) making of horoscopes, interpretation of horoscopes, casting of horoscopes …   English contemporary dictionary

  • horoscopy — /hɒˈrɒskəpi/ (say ho roskuhpee) noun 1. the casting or taking of horoscopes. 2. the aspects of the heavens at a given moment, especially that of a person s birth. {horoscop(e) + y3} …   Australian English dictionary

  • horoscopy — noun the drawing up and interpretation of horoscopes • Hypernyms: ↑astrology, ↑star divination …   Useful english dictionary

  • Yavanajataka — The Yavanajataka (Sanskrit for Saying ( Jataka ) of the Greeks ( Yavanas ) ) is the earliest writing of Indian astrology. It is a translation from Greek to Sanskrit made by Yavanesvara ( Lord of the Greeks ) in 149–150 CE, under the rule of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Jyotiṣa — IAST|Jyotiṣa (Sanskrit IAST|jyotiṣa , from IAST|jyótis light, heavenly body : also spelled Jyotish and Jyotisha in English) is the ancient Indian system of astronomy and astrology (also known as Indian astrology, Hindu astrology, and of late,… …   Wikipedia

  • History of astrology — The history of Astrology encompasses a great span of human history and many cultures. The belief in a connection between the cosmos and terrestrial matters has also played an important part in human history. See also the main article on astrology …   Wikipedia

  • Hora (astrology) — Horā (Sanskrit होरा, hour , from Greek gr. ὥρα [Monier Williams, A Sanskrit English Dictionary] [The IAST|Bṛhat Parāśara Horāśāstra etymologizes the word as ahorātra with the first and last syllables dropped (BPHS.4.1 2)] ) is a branch of the… …   Wikipedia

  • astrology — astrologer, astrologist, n. astrological /a streuh loj i keuhl/, astrologic, astrologous /euh strol euh geuhs/, adj. astrologically, adv. /euh strol euh jee/, n. 1. the study that assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of the heavenly… …   Universalium

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