magic trick

A remarkable act carried out purportedly by magical means but actually by trickery or illusion, generally as a form of entertainment.

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  • magic trick — n. An feat of illusion performed by an illusionist, which appears magical to naive observers. Syn: conjuring trick, trick, magic, legerdemain, illusion, deception. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • magic trick — trick which is meant to convince its audience that it has been done by means of magic, conjuring trick, illusion …   English contemporary dictionary

  • magic trick — noun an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers • Syn: ↑conjuring trick, ↑trick, ↑magic, ↑legerdemain, ↑conjuration, ↑thaumaturgy, ↑illusion, ↑deception …   Useful english dictionary

  • Hat-trick (magic trick) — This is a classic magic trick where a performer will produce an object (traditionally a rabbit or a bouquet of flowers) out of an apparently empty stovepipe hat.In its simplest form, this trick works by placing the hat on a specially made table… …   Wikipedia

  • Wringer (magic trick) — The Wringer (also wringer box illusion or mangle box ) is a stage magic trick. The magician places his assistant (or a shill from the audience) into a large box with a set of rollers in the front. The magician turns a crank, and the assistant… …   Wikipedia

  • Twister (magic trick) — The twister is a famous stage magic trick. A girl is placed in an upright cabinet, with her head and feet visible. The magician spins the cabinet, then opens the front. The girl s body is now a narrow, twisted rope from which her fingers protrude …   Wikipedia

  • Guillotine (magic trick) — This trick makes it seem that a blade of a guillotine passes through a person s neck without harming him/her.MethodThis trick involves two blades. The blades are positioned at 90 degree angles, perpendicular to each other. The blade that falls… …   Wikipedia

  • Origami (magic trick) — Origami is a magic stage illusion with a Japanese paperfolding theme that was designed by Jim Steinmeyer. In the 1980 s Illusion builder John Gaughan refined the concept and constructed the first version for Doug Henning. The magician displays a… …   Wikipedia

  • Interlude (magic trick) — Interlude is a stage illusion where one person appears to pass through the torso of another. Invented by Jim Steinmeyer with collaboration of John Gaughn and Jonathan Pendragon, and was originally staged, choreographed and performed by The… …   Wikipedia

  • Trick (TV series) — Trick was a comedic Japanese television dorama and movie series (three seasons, two movies, and a feature length special), as well as associated comic books and meta fiction novels about a magician and a physicist who debunk fraudulent… …   Wikipedia

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