A fear of the night, nighttime or darkness.
Syn: noctiphobia, scotophobia

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  • nyctophobia — (n.) medical Latin, from NYCTO (Cf. nycto ) night + PHOBIA (Cf. phobia) fear. Related: Nyctophobic …   Etymology dictionary

  • nyctophobia — [nik΄tə fō′bē ə] n. [ NYCTO + PHOBIA] an unnatural or excessive fear of darkness or night …   English World dictionary

  • Nyctophobia — Scotophobia redirects here. For the hatred, fear or envy of Scotland, or people or things from the country, see Anti Scottish sentiment. Nyctophobia is a phobia characterized by a severe fear of the darkness. It is triggered by the brain’s… …   Wikipedia

  • nyctophobia — /nik teuh foh bee euh/, n. Psychiatry. an abnormal fear of night or darkness. [NYCTO + PHOBIA] * * * …   Universalium

  • Nyctophobia — Pathological fear of the dark, an abnormal and persistent dread of the dark. Sufferers experience anxiety even though they may rationally realize that the dark does not pose a threat commensurate with their fear. Formed from the Greek nyx (night) …   Medical dictionary

  • nyctophobia — fear of the night or darkness Phobias …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • nyctophobia — n. fear of the night; fear of darkness …   English contemporary dictionary

  • nyctophobia — [ˌnɪktə(ʊ) fəʊbɪə] noun extreme or irrational fear of the night or of darkness. Origin C19: from Gk nux, nukt night + phobia …   English new terms dictionary

  • nyctophobia — n. extreme fear of the dark. It is common in children and not unusual in normal adults …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • nyctophobia — A fear of darkness or night …   Grandiloquent dictionary

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