noun /ˌsɪnɛsˈθiːʒə/
a) A physiological or psychological phenomenon whereby a particular sensory stimulus triggers a second kind of sensation. For example, reading the letter r may trigger the visual sensation of the colour purple in the mind or the eye of the synaesthete (grapheme → colour synaesthesia); or, more rarely, for example, the phoneme /l/ may elicit the taste of mince (lexicalgustatory synaesthesia).

Into her darkness, a churning synaesthesia, where her pain was the taste of old iron, scent of melon, wings of a moth brushing her cheek.

b) A literary device whereby one kind of sensation is described in the terms of another.

Then these melodies turn to ice as real night music takes over, pianos and vibes erecting clusters in the high brittle octaves and a clarinet wandering across like a crack on a pond. Saxes doing the same figure eight over and over again.

See Also: synaesthete

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