Any compound of general formula RB-OR (an ester of borinic acid)

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  • Boronic acid — The general structure of a boronic acid, where R is a substituent. A boronic acid is an alkyl or aryl substituted boric acid containing a carbon–boron bond belonging to the larger class of organoboranes. Boronic acids act as Lewis acids. Their… …   Wikipedia

  • enolboration — noun Any addition reaction of an enol borinate …   Wiktionary

  • borinic acid — noun Any compound of general formula RBOH. See Also: borinate …   Wiktionary

  • Ácido borónico — Estructura del ácido borónico, donde R es un sustituyente. Un ácido borónico es un derivado alquil o aril substituído del ácido bórico que contiene un enlace carbono boro, perteneciente a la gran clase de organoboranos. Los ácidos borónicos… …   Wikipedia Español

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