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  • Bornological space — In mathematics, particularly in functional analysis, a bornological space is a locally convex space X such that every semi norm on X which is bounded on all bounded subsets of X is continuous, where a subset A of X is bounded whenever all… …   Wikipedia

  • Topological vector space — In mathematics, a topological vector space is one of the basic structures investigated in functional analysis. As the name suggests the space blends a topological structure (a uniform structure to be precise) with the algebraic concept of a… …   Wikipedia

  • List of functional analysis topics — This is a list of functional analysis topics, by Wikipedia page. Contents 1 Hilbert space 2 Functional analysis, classic results 3 Operator theory 4 Banach space examples …   Wikipedia

  • George Mackey — George Whitelaw Mackey (February 1, 1916 in St. Louis, Missouri – March 15, 2006 in Belmont, Massachusetts) was an American mathematician. Mackey obtained his Ph.D. at Harvard University in 1942 under the direction of Marshall H. Stone. He joined …   Wikipedia

  • Mackey space — In mathematics, particularly in functional analysis, a Mackey space is a locally convex space X such that the topology of X coincides with the Mackey topology τ( X , X prime; ). Properties* Examples of Mackey spaces include bornological spaces… …   Wikipedia

  • List of mathematics articles (B) — NOTOC B B spline B* algebra B* search algorithm B,C,K,W system BA model Ba space Babuška Lax Milgram theorem Baby Monster group Baby step giant step Babylonian mathematics Babylonian numerals Bach tensor Bach s algorithm Bachmann–Howard ordinal… …   Wikipedia

  • LF-space — In mathematics, an LF space is a topological vector space V that is a countable strict inductive limit of Fréchet spaces. This means that for each n there is a subspace V n such that:# For all n , V n subset V {n+1};:# igcup n V n = V;:# Each V… …   Wikipedia

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