barrel chest

A large, somewhat misshapen chest; sometimes associated with emphysema

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  • barrel chest — bar·rel chest bar əl n the enlarged chest with a rounded cross section and fixed horizontal position of the ribs that occurs in chronic pulmonary emphysema * * * a rounded, bulging chest with abnormal increase in the anteroposterior diameter,… …   Medical dictionary

  • barrel chest — noun : the enlarged rounded thorax with fixed horizontal position of the ribs occurring in chronic pulmonary emphysema …   Useful english dictionary

  • barrel-shaped thorax — barrel chest …   Medical dictionary

  • chest — n. thorax 1) to beat; throw out one s chest (with pride) 2) a barrel chest box 3) a hope (AE; BE has bottom drawer); ice; medicine; silver; tool chest * * * [tʃest] ice medicine silver tool chest …   Combinatory dictionary

  • barrel-chested — adjective Having a barrel chest …   Wiktionary

  • barrel-chested — adj a man who is barrel chested has a round chest that sticks out …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • barrel-chested — [bar′əlches΄tid, ber′əlches′tid] adj. having an especially broad, deep chest for one s height …   English World dictionary

  • Barrel organ — A barrel organ player in Vienna, Austria. A bar …   Wikipedia

  • chest — The anterior wall of the thorax. SEE ALSO: thorax. SYN: pectus. [A.S. cest, a box] alar c. SYN: flat c.. barrel c. a c. permanently resembling the shape of a barrel, i.e., with increased anteroposterior diameter, roughly equaling the lateral… …   Medical dictionary

  • chest — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ barrel, big, broad, huge, manly, massive, muscled, muscular, powerful, strong ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

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