a polygon having fourteen sides and fourteen angles

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  • Polygon — For other uses, see Polygon (disambiguation). Some polygons of different kinds In geometry a polygon (   …   Wikipedia

  • Regular polygon — A regular polygon is a polygon which is equiangular (all angles are congruent) and equilateral (all sides have the same length). Regular polygons may be convex or star.General propertiesThese properties apply to both convex and star regular… …   Wikipedia

  • Order-3 bisected heptagonal tiling — Type Dual semiregular hyperbolic tiling Faces Right triangle Face configuration V4.6.14 …   Wikipedia

  • Great rhombitriheptagonal tiling — In geometry, the great rhombitrihexagonal tiling (or omnitruncated trihexagonal tiling ) is a semiregular tiling of the Euclidean plane. There are one square, one hexagon, and one tetrakaidecagon(14 sides) on each vertex. It has Schläfli symbol… …   Wikipedia

  • tetradecagon — noun a polygon having fourteen sides and fourteen angles Syn: tetrakaidecagon …   Wiktionary

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