. In modern use partly transferred back from the surname.

Herbert, Sydney, Milton, Seymour. You know, all the time I was growing up I thought those were the most ordinary Jewish first names, until someone pointed out that they were British last names. I guess to my great-grandparents those names must have sounded so modern, so sophisticated, so - non-Eastern European. And now theyre just Uncle Miltie, Uncle Sy, Uncle Herb. Do other people have Uncle Donne and Uncle Wordsworth?

See Also: Herb, Herbie, Bert

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  • Herbert — ist ein männlicher Vorname und ein Familienname. Die seltene weibliche Form des Vornamens lautet Herberta. Herkunft und Bedeutung Der Name Herbert, auch Heribert, entstand aus der Zusammensetzung der althochdeutschen Wörter „heri“ für Heer,… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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  • Herbert — m English, German, and French: of Continental Germanic origin, introduced to Britain by the Normans. It is composed of the elements heri, hari army + berht bright, famous. A form of this name (Herebeorht) existed in England before the Conquest,… …   First names dictionary

  • Herbert — • Herbert (ou Héribert) (20 mars), vivait dans une île, au milieu du lac de Derwentwater, dans le Cumberland. Ami de l évêque de Lindisfarne, saint Cuthbert, il mourut en même temps que lui en 687. Nom issu du germain hari (armée) et behrt… …   Dictionnaire des saints

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