Treatment or reaction with ethylene oxide

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  • Ethoxylation — is an industrial process in which ethylene oxide is added to alcohols and phenols to give surfactants. The invention of the process is attributed to Schöller and Wittwer at I.G. Farben industrie.[1] Contents 1 Production 1.1 PEGylation …   Wikipedia

  • Éthoxylation — L éthoxylation est un procédé industriel dans lequel l oxyde d éthylène est ajouté à des alcools et phénols, généralement pour produire de puissants agents surfactants ou mouillants. Réactions d éthoxylation Sommaire …   Wikipédia en Français

  • 1,4-Dioxane — Not to be confused with 1,4 Dioxin. Dioxane redirects here. For other uses, see Dioxane (disambiguation). 1,4 Dioxane …   Wikipedia

  • Pégylation — Dans le domaine de la biochimie et de la biologie moléculaire, la pégylation (Pegylation ou PEGylation) désigne un type de réaction organique d éthoxylation. Le procédé, surtout utilisé depuis les années 1990[1],[2]consiste à attacher (conjuguer) …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Ethylene — Ethylene …   Wikipedia

  • Phenol — This article is about the molecule. For the class of chemicals containing a phenol group, see Phenols. Phenol …   Wikipedia

  • Sodium laureth sulfate — chembox Name = Sodium laureth sulfate ImageFile = Sodium laureth sulfate.png IUPACName = Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 9004 82 4 SMILES = Section2 = Chembox Properties Formula = CH3(CH2)10CH2(OCH2CH2)nOSO3Na C11+nH23+4nNaO4+nS MolarMass …   Wikipedia

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate — Chembox new Name = Sodium dodecyl sulfate ImageFile = SDS 2D skeletal.png ImageSize = 300 ImageFile1 = SDS sheet 3D balls.png ImageSize1 = 300 IUPACName = Sodium dodecyl sulfate OtherNames = Sodium monododecyl sulfate; Sodium lauryl sulfate;… …   Wikipedia

  • Barium oxide — Chembox new Name = Barium oxide OtherNames = Barium monoxide; barium protoxide; calcined baryta Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 1304 28 5 Section2 = Chembox Properties Formula = BaO MolarMass = 153.3 g/mol Appearance = white solid Density …   Wikipedia

  • Nonylphenol — IUPAC name 4 (2,4 dimethylheptan 3 yl)phenol …   Wikipedia

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