Any technology concerned with the nervous system

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  • Neurotechnology — is any technology that has a fundamental influence on how people understand the brain and various aspects of consciousness, thought, and higher order activities in the brain. It also includes technologies that are designed to improve and repair… …   Wikipedia

  • neurotechnology — /ˌnjuroʊtɛkˈnɒlədʒi/ (say .nyoohrohtek noluhjee) noun the technology relating to the analysis and modelling of brain function. –neurotechnological /ˌnjuroʊtɛknəˈlɒdʒɪkəl/ (say .nyoohrohteknuh lojikuhl), adjective …   Australian English dictionary

  • Neurotechnology Industry Organization — The Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO) is a San Francisco, California based non profit trade association that represents a broad spectrum of companies involved in neuroscience, brain research centers, and advocacy groups from around the… …   Wikipedia

  • Brain-computer interface — A brain computer interface (BCI), sometimes called a direct neural interface or a brain machine interface, is a direct communication pathway between a human or animal brain (or brain cell culture) and an external device. In one way BCIs,… …   Wikipedia

  • Neuroethics — is the ethics of neuroscience, and the neuroscience of ethics.[1] The ethics of neuroscience deals with matters as a subclass of bioethics. Examples include the issue treatment for via the administration of psychopharmaceuticals substances, or… …   Wikipedia

  • Brain–computer interface — Neuropsychology Topics Brain computer interface …   Wikipedia

  • Neurosecurity — has been defined as a version of computer science security principles and methods applied to neural engineering, or more fully, as the protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of neural devices from malicious parties with… …   Wikipedia

  • Brain implant — Brain implants, often referred to as neural implants, are technological devices that connect directly to a biological subject s brain usually placed on the surface of the brain, or attached to the brain s cortex. A common purpose of modern brain… …   Wikipedia

  • Mind uploading — This page is about whole brain emulation in futurism, transhumanism and science. See also Mind uploading in fiction. Whole brain emulation or mind uploading (sometimes called mind transfer) is the hypothetical process of transferring or copying a …   Wikipedia

  • Neurotheology — Not to be confused with neuroethology. Part of a series on God General conceptio …   Wikipedia

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