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  • Nanomagnet — A nanomagnet is a submicrometric system that presents spontaneous magnetic order (magnetization) at zero applied magnetic field (remanence). The small size of nanomagnets prevents the formation of magnetic domains (see single domain (magnetic)).… …   Wikipedia

  • Spin Transfer Switching — is a new technique that is currently being researched as a method of writing in MRAMs. By using this technique it is believed that the current needed to switch an MRAM cell will be greatly reduced. This in turn will lead to higher density… …   Wikipedia

  • Single-molecule magnet — Single molecule magnets or SMMs are a class of metalorganic compounds, that show superparamagnetic behavior below a certain blocking temperature at the molecular scale. In this temperature range, SMMs exhibit magnetic hysteresis of purely… …   Wikipedia

  • Molekulare Nanomagnete — Struktur eines Mn12 Nanomagnetes Molekulare Nanomagnete, im Englischen als Single molecule magnets (SMM) bezeichnet, sind chemische Verbindungen aus Metallen und organischen Liganden, die bei sehr tiefen Temperaturen auf molekularer Ebene ein… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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