an antidote to a poison, especially to the venom of a snake

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  • Theriac — The ri*ac, Theriacal The*ri a*cal, a. [Cf. F. th[ e]riacal.] Of or pertaining to theriac; medicinal. Theriacal herbs. Bacon. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Theriac — The ri*ac, Theriaca The*ri a*ca, n. [L. theriaca an antidote against the bite of serpents, Gr. ?: cf. F. th[ e]riaque. See {Treacle}.] 1. (Old Med.) An ancient composition esteemed efficacious against the effects of poison; especially, a certain… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Theriac — For other uses of Theriaca , see Theriaca (disambiguation). For the radiation therapy machine involved in several accidents, see Therac 25. Theriac or theriaca was a medical concoction originally formulated by the Greeks in the 1st century AD and …   Wikipedia

  • Theriac — Theriak war eine ursprünglich als Antidot entwickelte Arznei, die im Mittelalter als Universalheilmittel gegen alle möglichen Krankheiten und Gebrechen verwendet wurde und heute noch – jedoch mit abgewandelter Rezeptur und Indikation –… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • theriac — noun Etymology: New Latin theriaca Date: 1568 1. theriaca 2. cure all …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • theriac — theriacal, adj. /thear ee ak /, n. 1. molasses; treacle. 2. a paste formerly used as an antidote to poison, esp. snake venom, made from 60 or 70 different drugs pulverized and mixed with honey. Also, theriaca /theuh ruy euh keuh/. [bef. 1000; < L …   Universalium

  • theriac — the·ri·ac thir ē .ak n THERIACA …   Medical dictionary

  • theriac — n. molasses; paste used to treat snake bites; mixture of many drugs mixed with honey used in the past as an antidote to poison; cure all, panacea …   English contemporary dictionary

  • theriac — [ θɪərɪak] noun archaic an ointment or other compound used as an antidote to snake venom or other poison. Origin ME: from L. theriaca (see treacle) …   English new terms dictionary

  • theriac — n. See theriaca …   New dictionary of synonyms

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