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  • Metasyntactic variable — For the term as used in formal logic, see Metavariable (logic). In computer science, programmers use metasyntactic variables to describe a placeholder name or an alias term commonly used to denote the subject matter under discussion or an… …   Wikipedia

  • metasyntactic variable — noun A conventional variable name used for an unspecified entity whose exact nature depends on context. Use metasyntactic variables like foo and bar when you need a name but the particular name doesnt matter …   Wiktionary

  • Foo — is a metasyntactic variable used heavily in computer science to represent concepts abstractly and can be used to represent any part of a complicated system or idea including the data, variables, functions, and commands. Foo is commonly used with… …   Wikipedia

  • Metasyntax — A metasyntax describes the allowable structure and composition of phrases and sentences of a metalanguage, which is used to describe either a natural language or a computer programming language. Some of the widely used formal metalanguages for… …   Wikipedia

  • Alice and Bob — The names Alice and Bob are commonly used placeholder names for archetypal characters in fields such as cryptography and physics. The names are used for convenience; for example, Alice sends a message to Bob encrypted with his public key is… …   Wikipedia

  • TypeParameter — In computer programming languages, TypeParameter is a frequently used generic label used in templates to reference an unknown data type, data structure, or class. Templates are most frequently used in Java and C++. TypeParameter is similar to a… …   Wikipedia

  • Metavariable — Eine metasyntaktische Variable ist eine Variable in Computer Programm Code, die ausschließlich zur Benennung von beliebigen Entitäten in Beispielen dient. Eine metasyntaktische Variable hat ansonsten keine Bedeutung. Der Begriff stammt aus der… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Bar — may refer to:* A rod/stick, pole, or handrail made of structural steel ** Grab bar ** Rebar * an ingot or gold bar * Bar (diacritic), a line through a letter used as a diacritic * Bar (establishment), a retail establishment which serves alcoholic …   Wikipedia

  • Foobar — The term foobar is a common placeholder name, also referred to as metasyntactic variable , used in computer programming or computer related documentation. In technology, the word was probably originally propagated through system manuals by… …   Wikipedia

  • Spam (Monty Python) — Spam is a popular Monty Python sketch, first televised in 1970. In the sketch, two customers are trying to order a breakfast from a menu that includes the processed meat product in almost every dish. The term spam (in electronic communication,… …   Wikipedia

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