a) A wooden plug, or a metal or canvas cover for the muzzle of a gun, a cannon or other piece of ordnance when not in use; a stopper; a bung.
b) A plug for the upper end of an organ pipe.

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  • Tampion — Tam pi*on, n. [F. tampon, tapon, tape, of Dutch or German origin. See {Tap} a pipe or plug, and cf. {Tamp}, {Tampop}, {Tompion}.] [Written also {tampeon}, and {tompion}.] 1. A wooden stopper, or plug, as for a cannon or other piece of ordnance,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • tampion — (n.) early 15c., plug, bung, from M.Fr. tampon, nasalized variant of O.Fr. tapon piece of cloth to stop a hole (late 14c.), a suffixed form of Frankish *tappo stopper, plug, related to O.H.G. zapfo and O.E. tæppa stopper (see TAP (Cf. tap) (2)).… …   Etymology dictionary

  • tampion — [tam′pē ən] n. [Fr tampon, nasalized form of tapon < Frank * tappo, akin to TAP2] a plug or stopper put in the muzzle of a gun not in use …   English World dictionary

  • Tampion — A tampion is wooden plug, or a metal, canvas, rubber or plastic cover, for the muzzle of a gun. They can be found on both land based artillery and naval guns. However, the naval tampions have developed into works of art.Although the cannons of… …   Wikipedia

  • Tampion — Recorded in several spellings including Tampen, Tampion, Tampin, Temping, Tompion, and others, this is an unusual surname. Like Tamlin and Tamplin, it is a diminutive of the Middle English and Scottish personal name Tam or Tom or Thom, the… …   Surnames reference

  • tampion — also tompion noun Etymology: obsolete tampion, tampin plug more at tamp Date: circa 1625 a wooden plug or a metal or canvas cover for the muzzle of a gun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • tampion — /tam pee euhn/, n. a plug or stopper placed in the muzzle of a piece of ordnance when not in use, to keep out dampness and dust. Also, tompion. [1425 75; late ME tampyon, var. of tampon < MF, nasalized var. of OF tapon, deriv. of tape plug < Gmc …   Universalium

  • tampion — [ tampɪən] (also tompion) noun 1》 a wooden stopper for the muzzle of a gun. 2》 a plug for the top of an organ pipe. Origin ME: from Fr. tampon tampon …   English new terms dictionary

  • tampion — tam·pi·on …   English syllables

  • tampion — tam•pi•on [[t]ˈtæm pi ən[/t]] n. mil a plug placed in the muzzle of a piece of ordnance to keep it free of moisture and dirt when not in use • Etymology: 1615–25; earlier, any type of plug or bung; late ME, var. of tampon < MF, alter. of OF… …   From formal English to slang

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