Said of the hymenium of some mushroom species, which displays intermittent maturation and shedding of spores in radial bands beginning from the periphery of each gill, deliquescing from the bottom and advancing upwards.

Characters: Hymenophore lamellate; the lamellae of the Coprinus-type (with parallel or subparallel sides) or wedge shaped, of the aequihymeniiferous or the inaequihymeniiferous type; in the genera with aequihymeniiferous and wedge-shaped lamellae — epicutis of the pileus always characteristically cellular, the epicutis often consisting of somewhat compressed (not always quite globose) but distinctly subisodiametric bodies which are often somewhat colored, or arranged in or arranged in chains but not mealy in most species, rather rarely covered up by a velar layer which consists of elongate elements; otherwise, i. e. if the lamellae are of the inaequihymeniiferous type or with parallel or subparallel sides, they usually tend to deliquesce, and in extreme cases which are rather common, the whole pileus eventually […]

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