Resembling a nerve or similar neural structure; nervelike

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  • neuroid — Resembling a nerve; nervelike. [neuro + G. eidos, resemblance] * * * neu·roid n(y)u̇ .rȯid adj resembling a nerve or nerve tissue * * * neu·roid (noorґoid) resembling a nerve …   Medical dictionary

  • neuroid — n. something which resembles a nerve adj. resembling a nerve …   English contemporary dictionary

  • neuroid — neu·roid …   English syllables

  • neuroid —   a. nerve like …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • neuroid — ˈn(y)üˌrȯid, ˈn(y)u̇ˌ adjective Etymology: neur + oid 1. : resembling a nerve or nerve tissue 2. : of or relating to the transmission of excitation through tissues without nerve fibers …   Useful english dictionary

  • neuroid transmission — Arousal activity by cells other than nerve cells …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • neural nevus — neuroid nevus neuronevus …   Medical dictionary

  • ectomesenchyme — n. [Gr. ektos, outside; mesos, middle; chyma, anything poured] 1. A structure with organized cells that functions in epithelial interfaces, muscular sheets, and neuroid networks. 2. (PORIFERA) All components except for the flagellated cells …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

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