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  • cuspy — /kusˈpi/ (comput sl) adjective (of a computer program) well written and easy to use ORIGIN: commonly used system program, and ↑ y1 …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cuspy halo problem — The cuspy halo problem arises from cosmological simulations that seem to indicate cold dark matter (CDM) would form cuspy distributions that is, increasing sharply to a high value at a central point in the most dense areas of the universe. This… …   Wikipedia

  • Big Bang — This article is about the cosmological model. For the sitcom, see The Big Bang Theory. For other uses, see Big Bang (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

  • Galaxy rotation curve — The rotation curve of a galaxy can be represented by a graph that plots the orbital velocity of the stars or gas in the galaxy on the y axis against the distance from the center of the galaxy on the x axis. Stars revolve around the center of… …   Wikipedia

  • Cold dark matter — (or CDM) is the improvement of the big bang theory that contains the additional assumption that most of the matter in the Universe consists of material that cannot be observed by its electromagnetic radiation (dark) and whose constituent… …   Wikipedia

  • Dwarf galaxy problem — The dwarf galaxy problem is one that arises from numerical cosmological simulations that predict the evolution of the distribution of matter in the universe. Dark matter seems to cluster hierarchically and in ever increasing number counts for… …   Wikipedia

  • NGC 2681 — Галактика История исследования Открыватель Уильям Гершель Дата открытия 17 марта 1790 Обозначения NGC 2681, UGC 4645, MCG 9 15 41, ZWG 264.26 …   Википедия

  • Кривая вращения галактики — Необходимо проверить качество перевода и привести статью в соответствие со стилистическими правилами Википедии. Вы можете помочь …   Википедия

  • cuspiness — noun a) The condition of being cuspy b) A measure of the chaos on the surface of a star …   Wiktionary

  • Derek Tolan — is a professional golfer and recent graduate from the University of Colorado. Contents 1 US Open 2 Highschool career 3 College Career CU Boulder 4 Pro career …   Wikipedia

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