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  • Cyclopentadienyl complex — Zirconocene dichloride, a cyclopentadienyl complex A cyclopentadienyl complex is a metal complex with one or more cyclopentadienyl groups (C5H5−, abbreviated as Cp−). Based on the type of bonding between the metals and the cyclopentadienyl]]… …   Wikipedia

  • Cyclopentadienyl allyl palladium — Other names (Cp)Pd(allyl) …   Wikipedia

  • Constrained geometry complex — The term constrained geometry complex (CGC) (sometimes also referred as Bercaw s Complex) was first used in a patent issued by the Dow Chemical Co. for complexes in which a pi bonded moiety (e.g. cyclopentadienyl) is linked to one of the other… …   Wikipedia

  • Chloro(cyclopentadienyl)bis(triphenylphosphine)ruthenium — CpRuCl(PPh3)2 …   Wikipedia

  • Transition metal dinitrogen complex — Structure of [Ru(NH3)5(N2)]2+ …   Wikipedia

  • Transition metal carbene complex — A transition metal carbene complex is a organometallic compound featuring a divalent organic ligand. The divalent organic ligand coordinated to the metal center is called a carbene. Carbene complexes for almost all transition metals have been… …   Wikipedia

  • Dinitrogen complex — A dinitrogen complex is a coordination compound that contains the dinitrogen ligand, N2. In the area of coordination chemistry, the atomic and diatomic forms are distinguished as nitrogen and dinitrogen occur as ligands.Metal complexes of N2 have …   Wikipedia

  • Metal carbon dioxide complex — Metal carbon dioxide complexes are coordination complexes that contain carbon dioxide ligands. Aside from the fundamental interest in the coordination chemistry of simple molecules, studies in this field are motivated by the possibility that… …   Wikipedia

  • Organoiron chemistry — is the chemistry of organometallic compounds containing a carbon to iron chemical bond.[1][2] Organoiron compounds are relevant in organic synthesis as reagents such as iron pentacarbonyl, diiron nonacarbonyl and disodium tetracarbonylferrate.… …   Wikipedia

  • Indenyl effect — In organometallic chemistry, the indenyl effect refers to the enhanced rates of substitution displayed by η5 indenyl complexes vs the related η5 cyclopentadienyl complexes.MechanismAssociative substitution occurs by the addition of a ligand to a… …   Wikipedia

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